Safari Party Adventures, Ltd.
Custom Photo-Eco Tours for the Photographer and Nature Enthusiast - Your Dreamcatcher
The DREAMCATCHER is a Native American icon for catching your dreams.  The feathers are a soft ladder for the good dreams to glide down and gently enter the web of the dreamer's mind.
At Safari Party Adventures, Ltd., our goal is to fulfill YOUR DREAMS for global travel. Experience cultures, food, flora and fauna around the world with a photographer as your own personal assistant.  There to help when you need help and to let you explore your photographic talents. 

The beauty of this world is all around us, and whether you use an advanced SLR, point and shoot, or simply soak it all up with your eyes, we will be there to assist as your dreams are fulfilled.  Safari Party Adventures. Ltd. will take you to places where the beauty of nature and the achievements of society surround us.